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Kotex explores exam stress effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle tip 4

By Faeza
08 November 2015

Sister Burgie, advisory nursing sister and midwife for Kotex® tips:

Ways to avoid exam stress:

Set realistic goals and prioritize what’s important

It’s all about ATTITUDE:

A – Attitude: exams are an opportunity to prove what you know, not to test what you don’t know

T – Time management: be organized, make lists, schedule daily activities

T – Take time out: When studying, give yourself short, frequent breaks

I – Identify the cause of stress and do something about it e.g. relationships, procrastination, poor time management, over commitment, financial mismanagement

T – make study TIMETABLES

U – Understand your personality and acknowledge what causes you to stress

D – Pay attention to your DIET. Cut fried carbs, fatty foods and calories – eat only fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid carbonated cold drinks, caffeine and alcohol

E – Exercise and create a peaceful ENVIRONMENT e.g. study at the library where it’s quiet and you won’t be disturbed.

Kotex® is there for you when you feel the stress of exam time. Feel free and comfortable to ask Sister Burgie any questions concerning your health, your stress levels during exams and anything related to being a woman. Join the discussion and share your thoughts, concerns and views on the Kotex® Mxit app and Kotex Facebook page.