Kotex Girlology out to empower young women

By Faeza
14 November 2015

Kotex Girlology empowers youth by providing the ultimate guide to surviving and thriving being a GIRL:

The 2015 Kotex Girlology hosted 80 workshops countrywide empowering a total of 22 250. The Girlology workshops have been around since 2011 with Kotex ® and Code Teen have met with over 27 000 girls whose lives they have impacted. Self-confidence and motivation is spread between young girls from the ages of 17 to 25

A unique characteristic about Girlology is that it covers topics that young females want to learn about. Not fearing away from subjects such as menstruation, breast cancer, substance abuse, gangsterism, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, HIV AIDS, dating, sex, and even exploring the young male psyche; Girlology encourages girls to talk about such issues and promote their knowledge to help others in an all embracing sisterhood movement.

Navigating Life Orientation, an essential  focus of these workshops are developing self-esteem for young females, who historically, have found it difficult to find their place in today’s fast moving society, as 20 year old attendee Geeu shares, “The Girlology workshop helped me to start believing in myself. I had many questions about things that I, as a woman go through, and they were all answered at the workshop. I left feeling inspired, positive and proud to be a woman.”

Tinashe Jaricha, Brand Manager for Kotex  said: “This year, the workshops were presented within the FET Colleges with 15 additional colleges added, helping us achieve a wider reach and engagement with young females.”

Girlology is just what young female South Africans need. The success of these workshops and the impact will be felt and promoted months after the workshops concluded