Koyo Bala's death was caused by kidney failure

By Faeza
15 March 2016

Koyo Bala

Social butterfly and 3Sum member, the late Koyo Bala didn’t die of rectal cancer as reports suggested.

According to Drum magazine, Koyo died of kidney failure on Monday, 7 March, at Groot Schuur hospital in Cape Town.

Koyo’s close friend Amstel Maboa Makwane set the record straight.

“Koyo was HIV positive and he was open about it, and later was diagnosed with  colon cancer but he died from kidney failure” said Amstel.

Koyo found out he was HIV-positive in 2011 and two years later he was diagnosed with colon cancer. But with his fighting spirit he fought a good fight and remained optimistic about life.

His memorial service was held today at 2pm at the Baseline in Newtown.