Koyo's friends at war

By Faeza
10 March 2016

The singer and well-known gay activist of 3Sum fame lost the battle against cancer on Monday at a Cape Town hospital.

On Tuesday, social media fans were shocked by bitter claims made by Koyo’s close friends, make-up artists Iko Mash and fashion designer Ephraim Molingoane.

Iko wrote on social media that he was saddened by how former friend Ephraim was riding on Koyo’s death to promote himself and his own brand.

“You kicked him out of your space when he needed you the most, you avoided him and refused to take any of his calls,” Iko wrote.

When asked for a comment about his accusations, Iko said he was busy and we should call him after an hour.

But when Daily Sun called again, he didn’t answer their calls.

Ephraim said Koyo’s family called him and appointed him family spokesman.

“Yes I am aware of the accusations directed at me by Iko Mash. At this moment, we want to bury Koyo with dignity and anything else does not really matter,” he said

He said the family called Iko to order after seeing his Facebook post.

His memorial service will be held on Tuesday 15 March at Baseline, Joburg from 3pm. His funeral will be held in Cape Town on 19 March.