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Kwesta and Zakes Bantwini angry at Mabala Noise

By Faeza
04 July 2017


Drama erupted last Friday at Mabala Noise biggest event, as hip hop star, Kwesta and Zakes Bantwini refused to perform. This came after the duo had complained about the poor arrangement and also stated that they couldn’t just climb the stage and be expected to perform for 15 minutes each.

Both artists vented their anger on Twitter, where Kwesta had to apologise to his fans for not performing. He put the blame at Mabala Noise doorsteps.

The blamed Mabala Noise for handling the issue unprofessionally and they made it clear that they would perform as that was an insult to their fans who paid lot of money to come and see them performing.

Kwesta was the first artist to shoot a salvo at Mabala with his tweets on Monday.

Bantwini also took Mabala Noise to the cleaners when he told them to go fly a kite as he felt that he was undermined in a big way.

Mabala Noise spokesperson, Mhlo Gumede said, “We had time constraints for that event. We had to close earlier, after we had found later that the event had to close earlier.”

He later blamed the stage management team.

“Those people who were managing the stage were not from Mabala Noise and we will be issuing the statement about the whole saga,” he said.

Kwesta and Bantwini couldn’t be reached for comment.