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KZN man walking 224km for women and children

By Faeza
06 May 2016

A KwaZulu-Natal man has embarked on a 224km walk in an effort to raise awareness for what he called "atrocities" inflicted against women and children.

It is the second time that the 44-year-old Jan 'The Walker' Mabuyakhulu, from Durban, will make the mammoth journey. He first completed it in 2013.

Mabuyakhulu, who is unemployed and the father of five children, told News24 on Thursday that he felt abuse against women and children was destroying South African society.

When asked why he felt so strongly about the cause, he said every time he picked up a newspaper, he was hurt and saddened by the number of stories on abuse.

Deeply hurt

“There is so much killing and abusing of women and children. It hurts me very deeply. How can you rape a child? How can you rape a granny? It is not right and I want people to remember we [should] not allow this in our society,” he said.

Mabuyakhulu said since he began his walks to raise awareness, he had been called to schools to educate youngsters on how they should treat women.

“I am tired of seeing these atrocities. It is a real problem and we need to educate our children today. The rate of death for women and children is too high and we have to stop and look at ourselves. We cannot just read about it and stop.”

Mabuyakhulu said he especially hoped to educate men in terms of women and child abuse.

“Our world is changing very fast and we have to know what is right and wrong. As men we are responsible for these terrible things. We have the power to stop other men from doing this. We must teach our sons and brothers not to be this way toward our young and our women.

Real men don't rape

“Real men are not rapists. Real men take care of their families and pick them up. They do not hurt anyone. They must protect.”

Mabuyakhulu said it was vital for South Africans to make changes in their own way.

“You know life is not easy. But some things are important for all of us to know. We must take time and we must uplift and teach each other. I do this [walking to raise awareness].

"Maybe in your community you can do something else. Even if it is small, do something for our precious kids and our strong women.”

He is expected to complete his journey next week.

Source: News24