Learning about "Mavuso": the pros and cons

By Faeza
22 July 2016

It has been said in the past that we are living in the last days and if the immorality that is gripping the nation is anything to go by, then this belief might be justified.

More and more young people are engaging in risky sexual activities such as sex parties popularly known as orgies or mavuso.

During his June 16 address in Soweto recently President Jacob Zuma also condemned this practice. Move! can reveal that these ‘parties’ are trending in areas such as Soweto, Midrand and Pretoria.


It is also disturbing that young women are lured to these events where men contribute as little as R200 each to rent a room, buy alcohol and sometimes condoms.

The young women are not required to bring anything to these events but once they are there they offer themselves to any man in the room.

Most of the participants are usually under the influence of alcohol and it is not uncommon to find that there are more than 10 couples having sex in one room and swapping partners

in between rounds.


One of the regular orgy hosts, Petros Mnguni (42), admits that he is an addict and has slept with about 35 different women at orgies he has

attended this year.

“I’m a regular member of about six different groups that host orgies every week or fortnightly in Alexandra, Midrand, Soweto, Pretoria and Ghandi Square in the Joburg

CBD,” he says.

“At some of these orgies I was very drunk and I’ve had unprotected sex

countless times with most women. I also do hookups if I’m not at the


Petros says a hookup is when a guy calls any girl from the groups and invites her over for a session of sex for the whole day or the whole night in exchange for money.

“Hookups happen if a guy has money and can call any one or two girls from our groups that he wants to have sex or a three-some with and only provide them with money for

transport and drinks,” he says.

“The good thing about this is that we understand and we don’t judge each other. We just meet, have sex and that’s it, end of story.”


Another unapologetic addict Tshepiso Lerole* (24) says that she is married and has three friends who are married and are also mavuso addicts.

“Personally I do orgies just to release the stress caused by my cheating and abusive husband. At first I was doing it for fun but now I’m addicted and I attend every session I

can,” says the married woman.

“What I like and enjoy most about this is no one will complain that they are not satisfied because the parties are wild and we do every sex position we ever fantasised about.”

The young woman explains that in one weekend she can attend up to three different sex sessions.

“Last week Friday, I attended a session in Chiawelo, Soweto. On Saturday some guys took us to Ghandi Square.

From there we went to Melville and slept with six men at all the different sessions,” she says.

“As long as there is food and alcohol, then I don’t mind giving all the men what they want. Sometimes it worries me that some people don’t want to show proof of HIV status.

But we can’t force them because when we are drunk we just crave sex and

we don’t take notice if the guys are using condoms or not.”


Another addict Mandisa Thwala* (26) says she has introduced more than 10 ladies to the game and that she survived being raped three times.

“To me this is fun and I do it just to pass time. People must not compare

this with prostitution or a blesserblessee situation because it's not the

same thing,” she says.

“Here we are just doing all this for fun and not money. Some of the girls do get sick and some fall pregnant.

Those are the careless ones, no one is forced to have unprotected sex. They

do that at their own risk.”

Though they do this for fun and no financial gain, this is risky sexual

behaviour. Mandisa tells Move! she was raped once in Soweto.

She was drunk and ended up sleeping with numerous men.

“I got tired and when I told the guys that I’m no longer interested in having sex and my private part was bleeding, they didn’t listen,” she says.

“Instead they gave me lots of alcohol to drink and gang-raped me. I didn’t report the incident to the police because they were going to ask me lots of questions and

expose me.

But I have never stopped attending these orgies because that's

what I live for.”

Asked whether she hasn't thought of finding employment, going to school or going back home so that she can quit this lifestyle, Mandisa says she

has lost all hope.

“I have five children with different men and no matric. I’m useless and even my relatives have turned their backs on me,” she says.

“That’s why I have joined other people who are like me. We have

something in common in the exciting mavuso game.”


City of Johannesburg Region D Department of Health researcher and counsellor, Patricia Moolman says orgy parties have been in existence for years and that she doesn’t wish

for any young person to get involved in such activities.

“This is something that has been happening in the past few years and it’s just now that many people are paying attention to it,” says Patricia.

“I have many people who came to our office for counselling and help on how to quit. In 2009, we counselled and registered about 78 young people who were hooked on

this darkness and wanted to quit.

We helped them hoping they will help others out there on the streets.” Hope and Care For All Centre counsellor, Dr Nthabiseng Mokone says there are far more dangers to

orgies than ordinary sex between partners.

Dr Nthabiseng says that some of the diseases that one can get because of this reckless

behaviour are not curable. “Apart from losing dignity, some of the dangers of orgies include, tearing of private parts, STIs, HIV and genital veins bursting as some

of the males use pills to boost their sexual appetite.

In addition, prolonged sexual activity can lead to genital tissues burning and bursting

because they combine the sexual boosters tablets with alcohol.”

But Mandisa, who is also a dagga addict, says she has no plans of quitting. “We also have married men and women joining us.

Here we don’t choose, as long as you can contribute with alcohol and food then you are

guaranteed free sex with different women for the night and that’s how we are and what we do, we have sex for a living,” she says.