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Lerato Mvelase

By admin
28 August 2013


About me

What are your views on relationships?

I believe that friendships should be based on your personal preference. The person you have a relationship with should help you improve. Your goodness should be enhanced when you are in a relationship, and your negativity should lessen. I think that women should take ownership of themselves and stop changing who they are to impress men.

You have a project with the Department of Arts and Culture.

Yes. It’s about empowering the youth. Young people are exposed to so much through our industry and they need to change their perceptions. We need more women like NthatiMoshesh and Baby Cele, who are beautiful, respectful and successful to be examples. We need them to show the youth that it’s not about flashy cars, trends or how much money your man can make. It's about knowing who you are, and being content with that.

Fun facts about Lerato:

She is focusing on a healthy lifestyle and has started going to gym.

She loves talking.