Life saving Tests for Women: Part 3

By admin
12 August 2013

As you get older, your health needs change. Are you and your doctor keeping up? From STD tests to colonoscopies, here are the most important health tests for women, according to Dr. Roshini Raj, TODAY contributor and medical editor for Health magazine.

In your 50s

8. Mammogram: The overall risk of getting breast cancer increases with age — between ages 50 and 59, 1 in 42 women are likely to develop it. This number climbs to 1 in every 29 for women aged 60 to 69. Early detection and treatment help prevent the spread of the disease and boost your odds of recovery. Get one every two years.

9. Colonoscopy: Go in for the procedure at age 50, then every 10 years to screen for colorectal cancer, the second leading killer in the world among all cancers. Adults 50 and over run the highest risk of developing the disease, but studies show that people who get a colonoscopy every 10 years have better outcomes if they do develop cancer.