Life with albinism filled with pearls

By Faeza
01 December 2015

November is National Disability Rights Awareness Month, and  Gold Mansion Media gave us  ‘ Life with albinism filled with pearls’  by Mpho Tjope to review. The book takes us on  a fascinating  journey about the different challenges and victories faced by people living with albinism.

The review:

Mpho Tjope takes us through the life of Tshepo, who is the only person with albinism in his community. Tshepo face discrimination, teasers and all sorts of unruly behaviour from the people in and around his life. This causes him to have low self-esteem until he meets Phenyo, his mentor, who teahes him that how you respond to people’s insults makes you or breaks you. The book reminds us all that we are human and life’s fair share of problems graces us all and we need to stop being stereotype and judging a book by its cover.