Linda Sebenzo talks about her career and motherhood

By Faeza
15 June 2017

VETERAN actress Linda Sebezo’s acting career spans more than three decades and she is not about to stop. The award winning actress says she has been passionate about acting since she was a little girl growing up in Soweto. The 53-yearold Isibaya actress, who believes that acting is her calling, says even though her parents were initially worried about her taking up acting as a career, they eventually accepted it.


She says it was after her father saw her perform in one of the late playwright Gibson Kente’s plays that he allowed her to follow her passion. “My parents wanted me to be a nurse because they felt that there is no money in showbiz and they somehow equated it to

prostitution. But when my father first saw me perform, he cried and admitted that I

had talent for this,” she recalls. Ironically, her father used to be a performer as well. Linda says she used to go and watch him perform, which is probably where her love for the arts

started. “After watching my father perform, I would imitate the characters,” she says.


The Greed & Desire actress says she knew that acting was her calling from when she started out in the entertainment industry. She explains that every character she played fitted her like a glove and Gibson pushed her to excel. Even to this day, she aces the characters she plays because she takes her craft very seriously. “I thoroughly prepare for my characters. I don’t take any character for granted. I always make sure that I portray the characters well and I don’t undermine any role that I'm given,” she says. It’s that hard work that has earned her golden horns at the Saftas. The bubbly actress says even if

she were to win an Oscar, she wouldn’t change. “I really appreciate the awards because they mean that I’m being recognised and people love my work but nothing will ever change me,” she says.


Even though the list of characters she has played is longer than an arm, she admits

that there have been dry seasons. However, she has been smart enough to know that saving for a rainy day is important. “Even if you’re talented, there are those times when there’s no work. But I'm grateful that I have a financial advisor and I’m part of a stokvel,” she says about coping when there are no acting jobs. The mother-of-one says she doesn’t feel her age but turning 50 has taught her to be more responsible. She doesn’t want to share much about her private life and is only happy to share the lessons she’s taught her

teenage son. “I have an 18-yearold son and he is the celeb. He has many friends. I tell

him that he must treat everyone with respect and not look down on people because he

doesn’t know what the future holds,” she shares.