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By admin
07 November 2013

Lizha James began singing, like so many African artists, in the church choir and at just 14 years of age was in her first group, the house act Electro Base. That Lizha was going to be astar became clear in 1999 when, at just 17, she released her first solo album titled Watching You. With lots of composing and television work under her belt, in 2005 Lizha released her second album, Rainha do Ragga and went on to win a Channel O Music Video Award in 2006 for Best Female Video.

She again earned an award in 2007 when the video “Nuna wa Mina” took home the award for Best R&B Video. 2007 also saw Lizha release her third album, “Sentimentos de Mulher” and receiving an award from the Minister of Culture for her music career. The following year she won a Channel O African Music Video Award for Best Female Video. In the same year she participated in Channel O’s Young, Gifted and Black campaign alongside Taygrin, Lira, Da L.E.S, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Hugh Masekela, Gal Level and Stoan, to mention a few.

In 2011 she released the track "Nandi We" a song that speaks about domestic violence; "Stop Trafico" which deals with child trafficking as well as the hit single "Gotta Move On". “The songGotta Move On’talks about a person who is not sure where they stand but feel that they have to move on.

The beat takes over the person and the more they dance, the more their self-esteem grows. That is why we didn’t put a character in the video as there is no history, only feelings,” says Lizha. African viewers got to see it first and exclusive on Channel O.