Lockdown actress says acting was never her initial plan

By Faeza
10 March 2017

ACTRESS Lindiwe Ndlovu (41) says she never wanted to become an actress when she was growing up; it was something that she just came across at school. Lindiwe plays the character of a prison warder on the new series, Lockdown, on Mzansi Magic. She has also starred as Sponono, a hardened criminal who spent 10 years in jail for murder,

on Zabalaza.


Lindiwe says acting changed her life and boosted her confidence because she wasn't really an academic. “I was a slow learner at school and I really didn’t like how things were going. I managed to pass my grades but I knew that I would never appear on the list of the top achievers. This discouraged me and made me hate school,” she says. “I continued going to school until I finished high school. I was confused about what I wanted to do. There was an arts class at school and I decided to give it a try,” she says. Lindiwe further explains that her marks started improving when she joined the arts class and that's when she started to be passionate about acting. “I intially wanted to be a police officer but life had other plans for me,” she says.


After finishing matric, Lindiwe didn’t have money to further her studies. “I decided to work in the retail industry so that I could help my family but I kept on going for auditions. One day my aunt brought home a newspaper that had details for an audition for a theatre role. I tried my luck and I got the role,” says the actress. She says after that role, doors started to open for her. “Through that role, I got to learn a lot about drama. There were so many challenges along the away but I persevered. Sometimes getting exposure and recognition for your talent takes time. It took me a long time for me to get into television but I'm grateful for all the opportunities that I've had,” she says. Lindiwe has also played the role of Qondi in the sitcom Mazinyo Dot Q and Malawian maid, Buseje, in Ses’Top La.


Lindiwe says she grew up surrounded by women in KwaZulu-Natal and her father was not around. She explains that, “Even though my mother didn’t want me to be in the entertainment industry at first, she has learned to love what I do. She realised that

I'm passionate about working in this industry.” Lindiwe says she has also done a public relations certificate to please her mother and also to have something to fall back on.

“Acting is my first love and I like to study people. This comes in handy because in my job I have to portray different characters. I'm still in the process of getting a degree and I know that with hard work and perserverance I will get there. I'm grateful that my family supports me in everything I do,” says the woman who is not afraid to go after dreams.