Love at first sight

By Faeza
30 June 2015

People often deny that love at first sight is something that is there and we cannot run away from it.

Below we have some tips on how you can be able to see if there is love at first sight or that you can be able to see if the man right next to you is your new superman.

  1. Kindness and generosity is the winner for a new man/woman for you. He/she does not look down on everyone. He/she does not judge you based on your career or lifestyle.

  1. Outings are his/her favourites. He/she likes taking his sisters out or his relatives out to special dinners. By that, this could mean you could enjoy being pampered with late dinners in fancy restaurants.

  1. If he/she is ambitious and passionate about his work and is a hard worker that could mean you are spot on with him/her because that will mean he/she is working hard to build a bright future.

  1. We are all aware that money does not buy you happiness but truth must be told, dating an unemployed person in this time and age is something else.

  1. Make sure that the person you are falling for loves the things you love too. It is vital that you have things in common to avoid boring each other.

  1. Lastly you need to take your time and analyse your relationship after a specific time, by that you will be able to decide if you made a right choice by falling for him/her.

  1. You have to note things like someone who is controlling, or easy to get along with, or if they have personal problems like baby mama drama issues.

Picture credit: lilmissgossip