Love betrayal

By Faeza
11 August 2015

Have you ever felt used and betrayed? How painful it is when you discover the truth that the love that the person professed was fake it was pretentious? Until the person got what he wanted then bolted leaving you licking the wounds. How difficult is it to forgive such one? Its not easy at all. How easy is it to forgive the one who betrayed your love my brethren? Love betrayal is the worst thing that could happen to anyone and its painful as it makes one feel part of the heart has been ripped open and it can haunt one for years, hardening the heart of the offended in the process.   But wait a minute, how often do we betray the love that YaHWeH showed us to the point of sending His only Son, whom we murdered after we rejected Him through His prophets? How often do you see people going to church for blessings? If my friend it was not for fear of hell or loss of blessings would you still worship your god?


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH.

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