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Love your wife

By Faeza
25 October 2015

A good and fair judge, a husband and a protector. Are you as such, protecting your homes, your wife your children? I for one fell short of this requirement because I did not know better what a real man is. I was like most foolish and ignorant men who just bark instructions and expect them to be carried out.

A woman is your help mate not a slave. It is written "my people are perishing because of lack of knowledge". We are really perishing my brothers. Women need to be shown love, need to feel loved, need to be seen loved, when that happens they will submit fully.

Is your wife submitting to you my brother? If not, then look at the way you are handling her is: she a ball to you or an egg? It's easy for women to submit as it is their second nature. But they can only submit if they feel secure enough that we, men are putting them in their rightful place in our life and that we are able to completely protect them even with our own life.

Buying a diamond would just be an added bonus. Brothers let us love our wives as an extension of our bodies and we will reap the rewards of having a happy married life.


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry of YaHWeH