Lovely eyes

By admin
08 October 2013

Eye shadow can make a big difference to your looks.

Step 1

Sweep an eye shadow in a medium-dark colour of your choice across your whole eyelid.

Step 2

Now apply a lighter colour to the top half of your eyelid, just under your eyebrow. This will give this part of your eyelid a lift, making it look more impressive.

Step 3

Use a darker shade that complements the other two to outline your eye from the middle of your upper lid to the outer corner and from the corner to the middle of the bottom lid. The line should look like a sideways V.

Step 4

Add some of the lighter colour to the inside of this V shape to create a contrast (light and dark effect) in colour.

Step 5

Blend the dark colour of the V shape with your finger or eye shadow brush for a softer appearance. Brush some eye shadow lightly below your eye.