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Lover's shocking betrayal

By Faeza
04 July 2016

African American Man Thinking.

MY girlfriend of eight years turned out not to be the person I had

thought she was. The problems began when she was six months pregnant.


She used to be a regular visitor at my place, but that changed.

I noticed that she was planning something after she told me that

she hated herself for having fallenpregnant with my child.

After some time, the visits stopped. She just stopped coming to my place

and started ignoring my calls. She wanted nothing to do with me.

One day, we managed to talk.

I asked her whether the change in her had something to do with her

hormones or if she didn’t want the baby at all. She lied, led me on and

said she will keep the baby.


But one Wednesday morning, I received a call informing me that she had aborted our child.She apparently drank some traditional muthi, had an illegal abortion

and buried the child in a shallow grave behind her family’s house.

I was told that her mother heard noises behind the house and went

to investigate. She discovered that it was her daughter who had dug a shallow

grave and buried our unborn baby. The shocked woman called the

neighbours to come and see what her daughter had done.

Some members of the community wanted to beat my girlfriend up.

The local leader intervened. She was taken to hospital after losing so

much blood.


What hurts the most is that she never told me that she was not

ready to be a mother. She promised me that she would

keep the baby, but she aborted it at the end. She has denied me a

chance to be a father.

I don’t know whether I should hate her, or just

forgive and forget. But this is hard for me because we live in the same area. Now, I hear she is married and wants a child but she’s struggling to conceive. You truly reap what you sow.

*Not his real name