Loyiso Macdonald is nothing like the tsotsi he plays

By Faeza
04 November 2016

ACTOR Loyiso Macdonald (30) likes to keep out the glaring white flame of the spotlight. He finds it foul making a career out of his private life than letting his talent speak for itself. The Gold Diggers and The Queens actor says he doesn’t like the attention that comes with his job but wouldn’t stop acting even if you paid him.


It looks like things are going well for him as he seems to move from one show to another. But the actor says that’s not the case. He admits that there are some dry seasons when there are no work opportunities available. However, he doesn’t let that frustrate him or

his family. The Mdantsane-born actor has just joined the new cast of e.tv’s Gold

Diggers as Hamilton, a lawyer who’s the central villain of the show. Nevertheless, Loyiso refuses to call Hamilton a villain because he doesn’t want to judge his characters.

“He’s just a guy on the wrong side of the law. He looks after his own interests. There are lots of people like him that we know. We don’t call them villains; we just call them

opportunists,” he laughs.


Loyiso, who tied the knot to wife Luphiwo Macdonald, at the tender age of 26 years, admits that it takes a lot of people by surprise that he got hitched. The actor doesn’t want to delve much into his personal life. Nonetheless, he lets us in on the fact that marriage did have an effect on his life. “For any person who gets married, it calms you down a lot. I used to take a lot of risks. Now it becomes about two people than just my own best interests. You have to put someone else in your decision making,” he says. The lad reveals that there are no plans yet for a little Loyiso but when it happens he’d be glad. He says he has a pretty good idea of what kind of parent he wants to be. He draws inspiration of parenting from his parents whom he says were open-minded and never dictated what he has to do.


Loyiso stunned his parents one day when he decided to quit his daily job at a call centre to pursue a career in showbiz. “My parents were surprised that I had decided to quit,” he confirms. “I just told them that I quit my job and I don’t know what to do but I’d

find something.” He says at the time he didn’t really care much but was certain that he didn’t want to have a 9 to 5 job. So, he gravitated towards the arts and got a job at a theatre in Durban where he spent four years. The former Zabalaza star says acting came naturally to him because it’s something he’s done throughout his schooling years. However, the irony is that until the day he decided to quit his call centre job, he had never thought of acting as a career. “I just had a natural attraction to acting and I couldn’t explain it,” he