Luthuli Dlamini talks about his career and fatherhood

By Faeza
26 April 2017

MANY might remember him as the determined Stan Nyathi on’s Scandal! or as the charming Scott Nomvete on Generations. For a while fans didn’t see him on TV, but Luthuli Dlamini is back! This time he is playing Advocate Bheki Zulu on Uzalo. Speaking to Move!, the 51-year-old actor shares his excitement about being on the show.


Uzalo fans recently felt Luthuli’s enthusiasm and charming presence, and his character was a bit of a surprise to many. “I play the role of Advocate Bheki Zulu, a childhood friend of MaNzuza (played by Leleti Khumalo) and her husband Pastor Mdletshe (played by

Glen Gabela). Bheki and MaNzuza were in love while they were still young, but unfortunately Bheki left to explore the world and MaNzuza got married to Mdletse,” shares Luthuli. “While Bheki was still out there, he heard about MaNzuza being arrested

and he came back to rescue her and they fell in love all over again.” The Zimbabwean-born star says he loves being part of the show as it is one of the biggest in Mzansi. “I love

being part of Uzalo, there’s so much professionalism and ubuntu there.”


Last year, it was rumoured that the veteran actor was not getting acting roles because of his accent. In his defence, he tells Move! that every job has it’s own challenges and not

getting a job because of the way he speaks was one of them. “In the entertainment industry you don’t get a job for various reasons; either because you are too tall, too short, too beautiful, too ugly and so on. That is our challenge as actors. It’s also hard to tell a story the way you want to,” he says. However, he says with his 25 years experience in the industry, there are positive changes he has witnessed. “There’s more money coming in

unlike before when many didn’t think they could survive on being an actor alone,” he says.


Luthuli is a father of five children and says there’s nothing he loves more than being a

good father to his children. “Fatherhood, to me, is the reason for living. It means loving and taking care of my children at all times,” he says. He adds there’s still a lot he wants

to achieve, adding he just finished shooting a drama series called Fifty. “I want to continue being a good father to my kids and telling stories the best way I know how,” he says