Luyanda Mzazi's growing career

By Faeza
26 October 2016

You might remember seeing her face every weekday on SABC 1’s Generations The Legacy as a 16-year old Lesedi. Lesedi whose real name is Luyanda Mzazi (20) says she started acting in high school while doing her grade 8; however she got her first gig in 2015 on Generations.

She describes herself as a generous, kind-hearted, anomalous young lady who isn't really good at anything but simply mastering whatever her heart desires.

She says she grew up an active child and she was lucky because her family was supportive and accepting of her goals and aspirations.

She studied dramatic arts at the National School of the Arts for 5 years and currently she is studying Human Resources Management. Despite all that she is also a TV presenter. “I am still a student. I am also a presenter on a new show on SABC 3  and also I host charity drives for different organizations,” she says.

The actor says what she loves the most about her craft is that she grow to understand more of other people. “I can spend most of my days imitating people, trying to be as versatile as possible and not be called crazy but perfecting my craft so that I can have no restrictions when I'm given a character brief,” says the actress.

Compared to her character on Generations The Legacy, Luyanda says she is very different from Lesedi. “We are completely different people and literally the only thing we have in common is that we both love food”.

She says her craft is a space of growth and appreciation, not only for the person but for the craft too.

She further adds that it is an amazing experience to work with such phenomenal people she is working with.

Luyanda says as much as she loves acting she would love to do more other things. “I want to be more than just an actress; I want to become versatile in the industry and be able to direct, produce and maybe write,” she says.