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L’vovo stays put at Mabala Noise

By Faeza
26 April 2017

Talented kwaito heavyweight, Thokozani “L’vovo” Ndlovu from Newcastle, KwaZuluNatal, has come out guns blazing to rubbish claims that he dumped the controversial record label, Mabala Noise. This comes after allegations surfaced that L’vovo, who is also known as the Boss, had an argument with Mabala Noise management concerning money. Insiders close to the kwaito star claim that he demanded the record label to buy him an expensive car just like other Mabala Noise artists who got wheels from the record label.


However, L’vovo of Amabhoza and Amatintin fame, says it is all hogwash that he is fighting with Mabala Noise bosses over money and a car. “You know, people will always talk rubbish just to create a mess. I have never had an altercation with Mabala Noise bosses. Why should I fight with them? It’s all lies and nonsense. As far as I know, I am still signed to Mabala Noise, unless those people know something that I don’t know,” he says fuming. “It’s very disturbing that people are busy creating stories about me as if they are getting paid to do so. If I have something to say, which is legit, I will do so without hesitation. People must grow up.”


Move! understands that L’vovo is not interested in the noise made by people who are trying to distract him as he believes that they are up to no good and their aim is to create a hostile relationship between him and Mabala Noise. “L’vovo doesn’t care what people are saying about him. He said that he is making music for his fans and as long as the fans are happy, he is cool. He doesn’t want to be distracted by people who are talking lies about him,” says the source. Mabala Noise spokesperson, Mhlo Gumede, says there is no animosity between the record label and L'vovo. “There is nothing like that. Even L’vovo doesn’t know the rumours that are being spread. We are busy pushing his single called AmaHundreds. Someone is trying to create a story where there’s none. L’vovo is still with Mabala Noise.”