Make a great impression at your first job tip 5

By Faeza
07 October 2015

Interact productively with your superiors, peers and clients

You’re at work to do your job to the best of your ability, so when you communicate with other people, carry out tasks or ask for help, do these things in such a way that you let them know you want to learn and grow. Don’t gossip, chat, complain or ignore requests.

Find a mentor

A mentor is your best friend in the workplace: either someone who is appointed to show you the ropes, or someone whom you have decided to emulate. A mentor isn’t, however, a trainer. It is not his or her job to teach you your job, but rather to help you grow and develop in the workplace.

Get out there and make that first impression!

Now that you’ve got the tools, use them. Make every day count, and get people noticing you – for all the right reasons. And remember, a good first impression can lead to great things, so keep working at it.