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Make a great impression at your your first job tip 3

By Faeza
05 October 2015

Stay curious

Curiosity is a need to know and be informed – and to survive in the workplace, you need to know a great deal, including what your organisation does, how it does it, who does what to make this happen and what you are expected to do to become a part of this machine. To know these things, you need to ask questions, do research and be seen to want to know.

Manage your time well

There are whole books dedicated to time management, so be willing to learn and apply this skill in your new work environment. Some good guidelines are to keep track of what you need to achieve in a day, week or month. Arrange the tasks in order of priority. Try to finish one thing before moving on to another. Allocate some time in your diary to admin like answering emails. And communicate with management if you feel that you are running out of time for a task.