Make a headboard

By admin
20 November 2013

Teaser: Do you want a smart-looking bed? No problem!

What you need • Cardboard, big enough to cover the area above the bed • Scissors, cutter or sharp knife • Tape • Piece of pretty fabric, big enough to cover the cardboard Step by step

1 Flatten the pieces of cardboard in a rectangular shape of at least half a metre wide.

2 Tape all the pieces together.

3 Stick the cardboard together.

4 Tape the edges of the frame, so that your headboard is neat.

5 Cover the cardboard headboard with padding fabric (use 150 cm-wide Dacron or batting, from R20 per metre). We folded the fabric double for extra padding. You could also use an old blanket to pad the headboard.

6 Make sure the padding is stretched and then stick down with tape. 7 Cover the headboard with the fabric.

8 Tape the fabric to the cardboard.

9 Make sure it’s stretched tight over the padding, with no creases.