Make Easter lunches adorable

By admin
16 March 2015

Out with the old and in with the delicious: get your kidsexcited about midday snacks again with interesting Easter-inspired flavours, shapes and colours. With a little imagination, you can create adorable Easter eats, perfect for exciting school lunch boxes.

Blue Ribbon’s broad range of fresh breads are tasty flavour bases for all your great ideas. Pair wholesome Blue Ribbon bread with Easter flavours to make school lunches mmmm yum.

Hop-a-long sarmies

Use rabbit- , duck-, and chicken-shaped cookie cutters to take simple sandwiches from every day to Easter. Keep fillings simple and smooth, to make cutting easier.

Simply sweet

For something sweet – and a little festive – sprinkle cinnamon and sugar onto sliced bread, followed by a small handful of chocolate chips. Another indulgent combination is thinly sliced strawberries and chocolate-hazelnut paste. Peanut butter and sliced banana might also become a firm favourite.

Eggy breakfast ‘muffins’

Layer slices of bread, ham and cheddar cheese in a buttered ramekin or muffin tin. In a bowl, combine 1 egg, a dash of milk, asprinkling of dried herbs and salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture over thebread and bake at 200° for fifteen minutes, or until firm and golden brown.Allow to cool then pack into small plastic bags for a cheesy lunchbox treat.

Pretty pastels

Hard-boiled eggs are packed full of good-for-you protein and make a nutritious addition to any lunchbox. Dip peeled, hard-boiled eggs into a bowl of water with a few drops of food colouring – the result is eggs in pretty shades of pastels that’ll be irresistible.

Bite-sized ‘pizza’ bunnies

Use a rabbit-shaped cookie cutter to cut out pieces of white or brown bread. Toast lightly. Spread the toast with tomato sauce, cover with grated cheese and sprinkle with mixed herbs. Grill until golden and sizzling. Pizza flavours, with wholesome Blue Ribbon bread – what’s not to love?

Easter is a time for family, fun and small indulgences. Relish the sweet smell of cinnamon and freshly toasted hot-cross buns, but make room to discover and experiment with new inspirational Easter ideas.

Blue Ribbon: Get that mmmm yum taste