Make Mondays motivational

By Faeza
19 August 2016

Not many people out there claim to love Mondays, but there are a few simple tricks you can do to make the day a little sweeter. Instead of being in the I Hate Mondays frame of mind, alter your thoughts with a little Monday motivation.

New week, new beginnings

As you travel to work on a Monday morning, it’s not uncommon to feel down in the dumps and mourn the end of another great weekend. It’s easy to let your thoughts run away with you, so make an effort to get a handle on them. Rather than be sad that the weekend is over, be happy that a new week has just begun. Optimism goes a long way, and what better time to use it than the beginning of a fresh week? Mentally make a check list of what you’d like to complete over the next seven days; from going to the gym to starting the search for your perfect job. This will set you up for a focused, and hopefully productive, week ahead.

Plan some you time

If you’re into mediation or yoga, you’ll know the benefits of taking some time to yourself. If not, then why not use this week to try a little you time. Whether you sit in a meditative pose playing soothing music, or take 10 in the bath, reflecting on life can be mentally calming for our bodies and minds. List all of the things you’re grateful for and you’ll be amazed by how energised and content you feel after.

Get a great night’s sleep

This is important to do on both the Sunday and Monday night, and will ensure a productive start to your week. Avoid alcohol on the Sunday evening, as it can interrupt sleep, and don’t eat too late to ensure a restful night. Setting the right mood for a great rest is another idea, with candles, relaxing pillow spray and gentle music all working a treat to help you unwind.

Make plans

Get in touch with an old friend or a family member you haven’t seen in ages and plan something fun this week. It will make the days fly by knowing you have something to look forward to!

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