Make your relationship with a single mom work

By admin
12 May 2014

She’s beautiful, smart, everything you’ve ever wanted in a woman but she’s also a mom. Falling in love with a woman with children is easy but keeping a healthy relationship takes commitment and understanding.

  1. You won’t be her number one

When you’re dating a woman with children you need to understand that her children come first. It doesn’t mean she loves you any less and if you really love her you’ll appreciate how she takes care of her children and realise

2. Be Patient

The fact that she’s a single mom on its own means this woman has been on an emotional rollercoaster that left her single but she’s strong and still standing. Dating is difficult when you have a small person who is completely dependent on you. There will be dates she can’t make, plans she has to cancel and it might take time to get things right. Just hang in there.  3.    Be romantic

You can’t go on surprise picnics in the moonlight or spontaneous get-aways but you can send her random texts telling her she’s beautyful and leave her notes reminding her that you love her. Always aim to put a smile on her face.

4.    Be clear about your intentions

This woman has a household to run and children to raise, the last thing she need is to be playing games with a man. Be clear about your intentions and if you intend to commit, commit.

5.    Ask about her children

Don’t rush into meeting her children and playing dad but you need to show an interest in the things she likes and there is nothing she loves more than her children. Asking about her children and showing that you are genuinely interested in them means you accept the total package including her children.