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MAMA’s fashion hits and misses

By Faeza
20 July 2015

Pearl Thusi was, hands down the belle of the ball! You couldn’t fault anything from her perfectly bouncy afro to her dreamy gown; she kept things elegant and whimsical with the smile to match.

Ricky Rick, Casper Nyovest and KO have definitely let their fans down with their choice of outfits. KO looked like he was attending a braai at his cousin’s house while Ricky Rick looked like he just jumped out of the back of a cash-in-transit van as for Casper maybe now that he’s officially -kinda-off the market he won’t look like a flamboyant priest again.

Bucie jumped onto stage in what looked like her beige underwear and gave a great performance. Her voice, her body and her performance were great but hiring a stylist might not be a bad idea.

Thembi Seete was all glammed and red carpet ready, the lesson of the day is: you don’t have to be showing flesh to be sexy.

Cyprian Ndlovu needs to be stopped. The awful green hair must have distracted him and he forgot to wear a shirt. Although his body definitely is summer ready, there is a time and a place for everything.

Bonang and D’Bang have officially come-out; the couple even shared a kiss at the award ceremony in front of everyone. This power couple knows something about power dressing and looked the part.

Pearl's picture by Yaasomuah