Man, 40, ties 5-year-old stepson to a tree, severely assaults him with stick

By Faeza
13 February 2017

A Zimbabwean man, 40, has been sentenced to 36 months in jail for tying his 5-year-old stepson to a tree and "severely assaulting" him with a stick, a report says.

According to Sunday News, evidence before the court showed that the boy was tied to a tree and severely assaulted using a stick until he sustained injuries all over his body.

In passing sentence, magistrate Joseph Mabeza said the 5-year-old had given the "vivid account of the ruthless assault that he suffered at the man’s hands", adding that the man's conduct "went beyond ordinary parental punishment".

The man whose name has been concealed to protect the boy's identity, also faced a rape charge of his 1-year-old daughter.

According to the Chronicle newspaper, the man's wife told the court that she left him in custody of their three children after he threatened to chop her head with an axe. She decided not to go back home because of the abuse.

The man would bath the 1-year-old girl and share his bed with her. It was then that he was alleged to have raped her.

Medical results showed that the baby was raped 72 hours before the medical examination.

Magistrate Mabeza, however, said that more investigations needed to be done to ascertain who raped the minor.

Source: News24