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Man arrested for trying to abduct albino girl

By Faeza
01 August 2016

A man has been arrested in Malawi's Lilongwe District following claims that he had been plotting the abduction of an 8-year-old albino girl for the purpose of selling her bones on the black market.

According to Malawi24, Alick Moses was apprehended by the police after they received complaints that he was soliciting permission to abduct the girl from members of her family.

Kingsley Dandaula, PR Officer for the Lilongwe Police Command, said that Moses first set his targets on the girl after meeting her brother.

It is alleged that Moses proposed to the girl's brother that he be allowed to abduct her for body parts.

After being reported to officials, Moses took his case further, contacting the girl's mother and attempting to negotiate a deal with her in exchange for her daughter.

The suspect was arrested shortly after the incident, following a report filed by the girl's mother.

Moses is expected to appear in court soon on charges of breaching the peace.

The development follows an attack on an albino national in the Chipita District recently, resulting in the loss of the woman's hand.

The victim, identified as 51-year-old Lucia Kainga, was targeted in the early hours of the morning when attackers, armed with machetes and sticks, attempted to decapitate her and chop off her hands.

The attack was the first of its kind in the Chipita District, which recently saw a grave exhumed in search of albino remains to sell on the black market.

Fueled by a belief that albino body parts bring wealth, attacks on albinos have increased in recent times, leading to the deaths of at least 17 albino nationals in the last two years.

Malawian President Peter Mutharika recently declared war against albino "terrorists", claiming that his administration would win the fight.

Source: News24