Man gets 35 years for killing wife in front of their kids

By Faeza
19 September 2016

A man who killed his wife by brutally stabbing her 31 times in front of their children after she refused an order to kill someone was sentenced to 35 years by the Kagiso High Court on Monday, police said.

Kagiso police spokesperson Captain Solomon Sibiya said the convicted murderer Clifford Moagi Megale, 37, was tried in the Kagiso High Court on September 12.

Sibiya said on January 29 the deceased was at her residence at Kagiso 1 with her children aged 15, 11 and 5 when her husband called and demanded that she go and kill someone.

"She refused and her husband arrived within a few minutes and asked to talk to her in private outside. They went outside but shortly afterward the children heard their mother screaming," he said.

Sibiya said the children went out and were shocked to see their father chasing their "powerless" mother who was bleeding.

"She tried to run into a room outside but fell to the ground. The accused knelt down next to her body and continued to stab her."

Megale dragged her into the room and closed the door.

Sibaya said police arrived and found the accused inside the room still in possession of the murder weapon.

Source: News24