Man strips woman naked over 'stolen' hen

By Faeza
27 January 2017

A 43-year-old man reportedly appeared in court in Harare, Zimbabwe on a charge of indecent assault, after he allegedly stripped a woman naked during a scuffle in which he claimed his hen had been stolen.

According to Sunday Mail, some time in November last year Tendayi Gotekote went to Noreen Sarurani’s homestead and accused her son of stealing his hen.

The court heard that a scuffle ensued, resulting in Gotekote "grabbing the victim's blouse - pulled it off and leaving her semi naked".

This happened as Sarurani tried to stop him from beating her son, the report said.

She was rescued by Norman Chaitezvi, the village headman.

Gotekote was arrested and later released on bail. He was expected back in court soon.

In 2015 two Zimbabwean men were sentenced to 12 months in jail after they stripped a young woman naked at a Harare taxi rank.

According to Reuters, the two, Marvellous Kandemiri, 32, and Blessing Chinodakufa, 31, were part of a group of about 40 men who accused the woman of "improper dressing".

The two were arrested after a video footage of the assault went viral on social media and the high-profile case prompted calls for tougher penalties for sex offenders.

source: News24