Man struggles for almost 10 years to get a disability grant

By Faeza
19 February 2016


The mother of a 27-year-old blind and mentally disabled man from Limpopo has been sent from pillar to post for almost ten years as she has tried to get a disability grant for him.

Anna Makhado has been trying to register her son with the Department of Social Development, but with no success. Now the Democratic Alliance has stepped in and vowed to help the distraught mother.

Makhado’s son’s disability, which makes him a threat to himself if left unattended, has meant that the mother had to give up her job to look after him and she can barely make ends meet.

The etxra money from a disability grant would go a long way to keep the family above the breadline. But, says Makhado, she has been sent from pillar to post and to date has not been able to secure her son a disbility grant.

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