Manage peer pressure

By Faeza
02 July 2015

In the modern South Africa, there are many challenges that are facing the youth of today.

Today we are looking at how young people can avoid or manage peer pressure as it is one of the leading factors of a high rate in alcohol, sex, HIV/Aids, school drop-outs and early teenage pregnancy.

Here are some of the things that can be useful in managing peer pressure:

  • Learn to say NO: Stand firm in what you think is best for you. Refuse to do or to take part in something silly or illegally like getting involved in crime.

  • Explain to your friends in polite manner about your dreams and make them to see that you are destined for bigger things.

  • We aware that to engage in sex, some people are easily influenced to try it. Don’t rush into engaging in sex, but learn to think it through. It will happen when you are ready with someone special.

  • When your peers pressurize you in going to places like clubs, avoid them by being a churchgoer. That will give you time to think things through and to be emotionally and spiritually strong.

  • Learn to make good choices in life: remember the choices you make today, will have a huge impact on your future.

  • These days everyone wants to fit in, and to be able to be considered unique means that you stand your ground when you are with friends.

  • Make sure they know what are you all about, what you like and what you don’t like.

  • When it comes to issues of alcohol abuse, try to learn more about different types of alcohol and how dangerous they are. This will help you make good choices because with alcohol involve many chances of unplanned pregnancy.