Mandela’s ginger beer

By admin
16 December 2013

Mandela’s  ginger beer

My aunt Nobandla’s ginger beer is famous in Queenstown. When I was about  10 years old I used to help her make and sell this brew. It was my job to pour  the fizzing ginger into the bottles. She sold it for 12 cents a bottle, but if I poured  nicely I was allowed to have the occasional bottle for myself.  -Xoliswa Ndoyiya


50g ground ginger to contain this increase in volume.

2,5kg brown sugar

Makes approximately 20 litres


Mix all the ingredients together in a deep bucket  and leave to stand overnight. Foam will form on  20 litres lukewarm water  top so be sure that your bucket is deep enough . Strain the foaming ginger beer and pour. 2 x 10g packets tartaric acid (cream of tartar) into bottles. 1 x 10g (1 sachet) packet instant dry yeast . Serve cold.

Madiba’s favourite meals  from Ukutya Kwasekhaya: Tastes from Nelson Mandela's Kitchen by Xoliswa Ndoyiya, who  cooked for Nelson Mandela and his family for close to two decades