Maps and Spree bring you a limited edition Summer Essentials Collection

By Faeza
12 November 2015

Fashion icon, actor, model and philanthropist in his own right, Masego Maps Maponyane, has collaborated with for a Maps X Spree Summer Essentials Collection. It is a limited edition and below is a sneak peek into the collection which will be available on this coming Friday, 13 November 2015.

How do you feel about the Summer Essentials Collection?

I feel good about it. I just wanted to create a sort-of essentials that men could work with. A versatile, for this summer collection. This is a collaboration that Spree and I ventured into where they basically wanted me to do what I want. There are 9 essential pieces for experimental and conservative men to try out and match them as they like.

How did the process come about?

What a man would really want from it and what men should consider was the essence of this collection. For practicality, what I like during summer and what I would think would be needed. For example with the bomber jacket we used high quality cotton that is thin, cool and stylish for our climate.

The pants are loose fitting and comfortable for easy wear. They are also tapered around the sides for men with bigger thighs and a slight drop around the crotch for more room to breathe.

Pictures by Jacques Weyers