Masego the philanthropist

By Faeza
22 October 2015

Masego Maps Maponyane is not only a model, actor and presenter with a dapper fashion sense; he is also a philanthropist in his own right.

He began volunteering at Ethembeni Children’s Home in 2008. The centre houses close to 60 kids from birth to three years, who have suffered emotionally, physically and/or mentally, and a lot of them are HIV positive. He goes to see the kids as often as possible whenever he is in town and often on weekends he devotes most of his time to them. He has also done some volunteering work for MSF (Doctors Without Borders).

We ask him what sparked his desire to give back and he says: “The realisation of how fortunate I am to have a choice of what to eat, a home, a loving family and life filled with opportunities but that some people don't have any of this. My parents have always taught to share and recognise how privileged I have been and that it is only right to contribute in any way positively to those who don't.”

Maps will also be cycling in the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge, a cycle race which sees cyclists cycle 94.7 kilometres through Johannesburg. The cycle challenge will be held on the 15th of November to raise money for the Smile Foundation and help in aiding the children towards being able to put a visible smile on their faces.

Movers! If you want to help Maps put a smile on those little ones at the Smile Foundation you can click on the link below and donate any amount of money: