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Mawande is back now wha

By admin
16 April 2014

He’s back on his feet and getting his life back together , his sons are slowly getting back to their senses , he has full control of his company again and he’s planning a wedding with a beautiful and ambitions woman but Sibusiso can’t ever seem to get the one thing he wants most , Mawande .

When Noluntu literally drove her mother insane Mawande had to take a break and heal. Now that she’s back she isn’t sure of herself but she’s sure of one thing; she doesn’t want a romantic relationship with Sibusiso.

Try as he might Sibusiso just can’t get Mawande to forget what happened in the past and fall back in love with him even though the attraction is still there.

When Priska tumbled clumsily into Sibusiso’s life he quickly forgot about Dr Chetty and moved on with the ambitious bombshell, she got a ring on her finger in record time and will have to fight viciously to claim the title Mrs Dlomo.

Although a big family with grown and troubled children, daddies little princess and son-in-law who’ll do anything to impress his father in-law isn’t Priska’s idea of fun; she’s definitely fallen in love with Ngamla’s bank balance and the power he has to give her everything she wants.

Mawande coming back means she could lose all the power she has over Sibusiso and might find herself living in her car again.

A lot has changed since Mawande left Johannesburg. Noluntu has moved in with the Dlomos and fallen in love with her son , MJ has found out who his father is , killed his favourite aunt and hates Sibusiso more than he ever did before and what’s worse is she’s homeless .

Having given all her assets to MJ as revenge against Noluntu Mawande could live a life very different to the one she left behind.

Mawande’s return might be reason to celebrate but with everything that’s happened the Memela dinner table is a very sad and awkward place

She might have come back for her new problems but Mawande’s issues with Noluntu are far from over. Her mental issues could be permanent and the relationship might not be the same again. After Mawande took everything away from Noluntu she was devastated but now she’s clawing her way back up the ladder with Sibusiso’s help will Mawande approve of the new Noluntu ?