Mbali Motho Part 2: Looking ahead

By admin
21 August 2013

Who inspires you on the Radio?

There are four very important people who have and still inspire me. The first person who believed in me is my mother,that’s why I’ve come so far. MuziKhuzwayo my programme director plays a major role to uplift my spirit and keep me going even though there are some challenges along the way.

I won’t make a mistake to forget MpumeleloNdelu because she is the one who noticed my talent in broadcasting from the thousands of people who auditioned; I am on Radio because of her. Dr. Nelson Mandela for being a living testimony that one man can change the world if you believe in yourself.

What do you normally do before you go on air?

I pray for me and for the show to make a positive impact to the listener at home.

What day will you never forget on air?

The day I will never forget is when we had a technical breakdown for an hour and 30 minutes. There were no computers, music or sound and I was basically left with only a microphone and had to improvise. I was clever enough to use my cell phone to play music but had to speak like a motor mouth , non-stop. Luckily none of the listeners picked this up.

What are the hardships you face in the industry?

Being a female is challenging and worst of all is when males dominate and overpower you because they don’t believe that women can also be successful DJ’s. This results in you being left out when opportunities arise.

Where do you wantto see yourself in five years’ time?

I would love to become successful and famous in this industry because I’m so passionate about it. My aim and desire is to be a DJ on an SABC radio station. I would also love to start a women’s organization through radio so that I can enrich and inspire rural women.