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Mbuso Khoza: Cultivating to dream

By admin
31 August 2013

Mbuso Khoza: Cultivating to dream

The South African songbook has a new addition. The world music stage has a new feature.  Suddenly, the void left by the insupportable demise of vocalists Jabu Khanyile and Busi Mhlongo, amongst many others, is all the more bearable. And we are all the richer for it.

Mbuso Khoza has humbly accepted the mantle and generously offered his vast musical gifts to South Africa, the continent and world.

When once the circumstances seemed to conspire to deprive us of Khoza’s essential voice, destiny has intervened. He has endured a particularly disabling upbringing and debilitating early losses and has surfaced unscathed. Where scars should have been permanently etched onto his personality, he emerged wearing a brimming, captivating smile.

These inspirational traits are indeed overwhelmingly abundant in Khoza’s music. Blessed with an enchanting singing voice, he takes to music making with the ease of a natural. His debut album, Zilindile, is testimony to a blend of song-writing, lyric crafting and vocalising skills of the most angelic order. Khoza’s knack for working with supremely gifted musicians makes his sound all the more compelling.

Khoza came to Johannesburg, from his native Eshowe in KZN as a gospel hopeful in the early 2000s. Back home, he had been fleeing political turmoil, abject poverty and his status as an orphan without the benefit of formal school education.

His dreams of fulfilling his musical calling were not deterred, but were nurtured, by the immense difficulties he soon encountered. Among these was life on the streets, rejection and the backstabbing that accost any purpose-filled mission.

The Khoza that the world is about to meet is now an accomplished vocalist, composer and arranger. Under his belt are successful stints as a session artist, back-up vocalist and a solo artist with a mission.