McCain brings you traditional Slap Chips at home

By Faeza
28 November 2015

Everyone remembers the first time they tried traditional slap chips, opening that folded newspaper with the smells of deliciously soft chips doused with salt and vinegar ready to be shared between family and friends. Now you are able to recreate this delicious moment from the comfort of your home with McCain Slap Chips.

The process of preparing McCain Slap Chips is incredibly simple:

All you need to do is put the frozen slap chips straight into hot oil and fry for 5 minutes. Then to get the perfect amount of “slap” for your slap chips you place the fried chips in a bowl, add salt, douse with vinegar, and cover the bowl with cling wrap. Leave this for 2 minutes and you will have delicious slap chips that are sure to make your taste buds tingle. If you prefer to enjoy your McCain Slap Chips in a more traditional way, you can put them into newspaper after frying, add salt and vinegar, wrap the chips up in the newspaper and leave for a few minutes be eating.

“Slap chips are always a family favourite, everyone has a fond or special memory about this delicious food. Whether it was running down to the corner café on a Friday night to get fish and chips for the family or saving up everyone’s tuck shop money after school to buy those hot vinegary chips to share among friends. We all have these special memories and McCain wants to make sure that these special moments of sharing continue with McCain Slap Chips,” says Deolinda Da Costa, Marketing Manager of McCain South Africa.

Now you can have slap chips with that traditional homemade taste at home with McCain Slap Chips. McCain believes that there is no better meal than the one shared between family and friends and no better moments than the ones created around food.