Meatless Monday

By Faeza
28 September 2015

Loosen the purse strings with these month end meal tips

Too much month left at the end of your money? Getting food stocks to stretch till your next shopping trip can be tricky. But you don’t have to skimp on nutrition, taste or tummy-filling. Master your frugal meal prepping skills by keeping these tips in mind.

Meatless days are here 

Come end of the month and the meat stocks are often very low or cleaned out, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying tasty, protein-packed meals. Get your protein fix with beans and lentils. Try bean stew or the vegetable option of spicy cabbage – both are great with pap or slices of fresh bread.

Fried rice with vegetables is also a good bet, allowing you to use bits and pieces, leftover rice and eggs for a protein boost.

For a nostalgic breakfast with only four ingredients – water, maize, pumpkin and sugar – steam pumpkin until soft and combine with cooked maize porridge to serve up some delicious pumpkin porridge. As the warm weather settles in, maas with pieces of brown Blue Ribbon bread takes a few minutes to prepare and cools you down just as quickly.