Media24's 24things4madiba campaign

By Faeza
26 June 2015

Join Media24 in supporting the #24things4madiba campaign by reading, writing and reporting on the things we can do to make this country an even better place. We aim to encourage nation building among South Africans through the promotion of story-telling, reading and writing, the fundamentals which form the cornerstones of this great nation. We support and encourage the idea of first your culture then my culture which ultimately forms our heritage, a term we like to call cultural warmth.

As South Africa’s biggest story teller, Media24 is encouraging South Africans to create authentic stories. In the 24 days before Mandela Day ask South Africans to support nation building by sharing their stories, photos and videos with us on social media, using the hashtag #24things4madiba.

We will post a “Question of the Day” on our Twitter and Facebook page (Media24 OPEN) to get the conversation started and find out more about South Africa. We’re inviting individuals and companies to tell us how we can make South Africa better. It can be as simple as learning 24 words in a different language, learning 24 new facts about the country and continent, discovering 24 new South African dishes or reading 24 stories written by South Africans. Capture it and share it with us online using the hashtag #24things4madiba.

Or simply join our 24 (minute/hour/day) READATHON with Nal’ibali. Read to your loved ones or strangers – at aftercare, at church, at libraries, at old age homes, read wherever possible. Capture it and share it with us online using the hashtag #24things4madiba. Schools can also participate by registering their editorial teams on the new free school news site,, and REPORT on the good you are doing in your community.

Together we will create the first chapter of a growing South Africa to be a nation with empowered individuals, working together to change the future of this great rainbow nation!

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