Meet the man who plays Schumacher on The Queen

By Faeza
17 March 2017

Actor Vuyolwethu Ngcukana (34) is popularly known for playing the charismatic and amusing Schumacher on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen. He has shown versatility in his craft and his character sure keeps viewers falling in love with the show. Vuyo describes himself as a someone full of joy and love.


Many think Schumacher is a gay man, but Vuyo describes his character as a lover and not someone who can be defined by sexuality. “Schumacher is a lovely and ambitious guy who

likes the finer things, but is not keen to work hard for them. He loves both Kgosi and Glory

and always manages to find himself in situations where he has to try and wiggle his way out.

He is loyal to the Khozas,” shares the former star of The Road, which also aired on Mzansi Magic. Vuyo says the feedback he gets from viewers on his character is overwhelming. “They love Schumacher and sometimes hate him, but they mostly adore him,” he says. The

Mthatha-born star says what he loves the most about his craft is the ability to tell stories.

“I love the fact that I am able to tell stories that move people, make people feel things, talk about them and ultimately entertain them,” says the former Rhythm City star.


He says getting to where he is now was not a walk in the park. He started off as an extra on Generations and now with 15 years in the industry, Vuyo says the acting industry is great to be part of. He adds that for him, acting is not a hobby, but real and hard work. The actor says he still wants to grow in the industry. “I want to tell stories that make it around the

world, from the school halls of Butterworth to world festivals abroad,” he says.


Despite his career as an actor, Vuyo is also the father of three beautiful daughters and says

fatherhood is a gift from God. “Fatherhood means the world to me. Everything I do is to make sure my children have everything they need and for them to have a happy and

healthy life,” he says.

The actor says he is also an amazing event’s MC and great presenter and does live productions, shows and events. He shares that he grew up around a lovely mother and strict father with his two younger siblings and still gets shy in a new environment.

Growing up in such a loving family, Vuyo says he would one day love to get married.