Men reveal their biggest turn-offs Part 1

By admin
05 September 2013

We asked men to reveal their biggest turn-offs so that we know what to avoid.     Turn-off 1: Expecting him to do all the work

It’s official – men hate it when we’re not active in bed, whether it’s failing to suggest new positions, or taking without giving. Lying back and thinking of dessert looks like you’re lacking sexual confidence, which isn’t very sexy. It signals you’re not really into what you’re doing. Actions speak louder than words you might tell him that you love having sex with him, but he’s not going to believe it unless he sees your excitement for himself.     Turn-off 2: The silence

Staying silent during sex is second on men’s list of serious turn-offs. “I hate it when girls keep quiet in bed,” complains Khaya, 25, from Tsakane. “I never know whether they’re enjoying it or not.” But men get insecure, too. You don’t need to scream, but giving your man even a small sigh of pleasure is important. Allowing yourself to get lost in the moment is a massive turn-on for men. Making noises shows you’re not self conscious and are focused on giving and receiving pleasure.

    To be continued tomorrow with what to do to avoid these turn-offs