Men reveal their biggest turn-offs Part 2

By admin
06 September 2013

Ignoring these bedroom turn-offs could ruin your sex life and your relationship understanding what men really want in bed is something we’re all desperate to know. Turn-off 1: Expecting him to do all the work

Get over it…

You enjoy sex more if you think your man is having a good time, right? Remind yourself that this works both ways.

If you’re in the missionary position, get involved by flexing your pelvic floor muscles to massage his penis when it’s inside you.

  If you’re still too shy to take the lead in bed, send him a subtly sexy email or SMS, like, “Can’t wait to see you later…” to prove to him that you have good intentions. Turn-off 2: The silence

Get over it…

Sometimes it’s easier to be vocal during sex if you feel that it isn’t ‘you’ talking/ sighing/screaming. Try a bit of role play by pretending you’re your favourite sexy celeb.

If you really can’t bring yourself to make any sound during sex, then make sure you let your body do the talking.

Tell your man what you really liked about the last sex you had together.