Metro FM, Touchdown Drive 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM

By admin
14 May 2015

Objective: Entertain a 24-35 year old as well as inform listeners of all things captivating and newsworthy.

Fast-paced and exciting, the Touch Down is all about what’s happening, from new technology to sizzling entertainment and interviews with everyone worth talking to. Forget what you thought you knew about radio, loosen your tie, turn up the volume and tap your fingers to the hottest tracks this side of the sun. Seamless integration with social media means your opinion will never be stuck in traffic, so be sure to charge your smartphone before you leave the office.

Sports fan? Let Joe Mann keep you posted on the successes of your team and the failures of your opponents with up-to-the-minute sport bulletins. Refiloe will arm you with news and current affairs to discuss whilst in traffic, at home or working late. Your drive home will never be the same.

Speaks to:  Inspiring audience in dialogue/interviews to music and conversational aspects