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Mi Casa talks about how they almost broke up and their upcoming album

By Faeza
22 June 2017

Over the years South Africans have witnessed a number of their favourite bands splitting up.

Mi Casa is one the most recent bands who almost suffered the same fate.

In a statement released by the band, it is stated that about four months ago they were contemplating pulling the plug on the band.

This is because of all the arguments and issues that they were experiencing.

“If we could get through what we got through recently, we will never break up. This album is happy, you can hear the happiness. It’s a true reflection of where we at as a familia,” said Dr.Duda.

“If I were to be 100% honest with everyone, I was always worried because we never argued as a band. It was always just good vibes and if there were any issues we would sweep them under the carpet just to keep that good energy up,” added J’Something.

The group came out stronger and instead of splitting they came together and worked on their fourth album, Familia, which drops on the 4th August with first single “Nana” dropping on Friday 30th June.