Microwave don’ts

By admin
23 December 2013

  • • Some foods cannot be cooked in a microwave. Eggs in shells will explode because pressure builds up when the liquid part of the eggs is heated. Do not fry food in oil in a microwave because it is difficult to control the temperature of the oil and the food can burn easily.
  • • Never use metal objects in your microwave oven. (No spoons or metal bowls or foil?). Plates with a metallic trim are also not suitable. Only use glass, porcelain, plastic and paper containers. (Suitable dishes have the words “microwave safe” printed on the bottom.)
  • • Do not overload your microwave oven and make sure that the turntable can always move freely.
  • • Do not operate the oven when empty. This will damage the inside. For safety, keep a cup or bowl of water in the microwave. If it is accidentally switched on, there will be no risk of damage.
  • • Make sure the door seals well. Never operate a microwave oven that it doesn’t seal. This is important for safety.